Interviewing Mickey Mantle

Who would have thought, when I was growing up in the 60's, that I would someday have the chance to interview Mickey Mantle.  But there I was, in 1980, doing just that, interviewing the great New York Yankee.

Mantle comes to Winsted

Back in the day baseball players or retired baseball players would augment their income by making the rounds, speaking at banquets.  Mantle was no exception.  And so it was, 12 years after announcing his retirement, Mantle paid a visit to Winsted, CT, where he was the guest speaker at a banquet to raise funds for youth baseball leagues.

Mantle did not disappoint that night, proving to be an entertaining speaker, regaling his audience with one funny story after another.  The Mick had the reputation of being moody, but on this night he was in a great mood, from the moment I interviewed him before the banquet, until after the event.

It's fair to say that Mantle's visit to northwest Connecticut some 38 years ago, was a grand slam.

The day I interviewed Curt Gowdy

In the early 1990's, I had the chance to interview Gowdy, who had just published a book about the golden era of sports.  Here is that interview.  I hope you enjoy it.

The Baseball Beat Debuts

Welcome to the debut of my new podcast: The Baseball Beat.  In this episode, I explain what the podcast is all about.

Welcome to my new website

After an absence on the web, I am back.  Welcome to my new website, featuring sports commentary and my podcast "The Baseball Beat."

I have published various websites and podcasts in the past, including commentary on non-sports topics.  However, this platform will feature sports - with a focus on its rich history - especially baseball, and my podcasts.

I hope you enjoy it.  Your input will be welcomed.