Of All-Stars, Tebow and interviewing umpire Tom Gorman

Major League Baseball is changing the All-Star game.  The owners and leaders from the players' association have announced the changes in addition to several other moves.

In my latest The Baseball Beat podcast, I talk about the changes and also reflect on the latest news, involving Tim Tebow.  My interview focuses on Tom Gorman, the late, great National League umpire.

While broadcasting Richmond Braves games in 1985, I had the chance to interview Gorman, whose son Brian is an MLB umpire.  Tom Gorman had an illustrious career, which I detail in the podcast, before replaying my interview.  Gorman offers several interesting observations, which apply even today to aspiring umpires.  At the time of the interview, umpires were still under the control of the separate leagues, the National and American.  Now they are all under the domain of MLB, working both National and American League games.

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