Sale cashes in and remembering Chuck Tanner

It appears Chris Sale has cashed in with the Boston Red Sox, as the trend continues to keep players from entering free agency.  In this edition of The Baseball Beat, I talk about this latest approach to signings, Opening Day and the time I interviewed Chuck Tanner.

Tanner, who died in 2011 at the age of 82, was the manager of the Atlanta Braves when I interviewed him on May 29, 1986.  A successful manager with the Chicago White Sox, Oakland Athletics and Pittsburgh Pirates - a club he led to a World Series title in 1979 -Tanner was in his first year as Atlanta manager.

One of the reasons I dug out this interview is so you could hear a classic example of how a manager could answer your question without answering your question.  Tanner was a master at it, particularly talking to someone like me, who he did not know.  I was a broadcaster for the Richmond Braves, thus was not on the Atlanta Braves beat.  Tanner was polite and considerate, but as you would imagine guarded.  Of course, in this day and age, I would not have been able to even walk up to a big league manager and ask for an interview, as I did on that May day with Tanner, during batting practice.  In 2019 a media conference would be organized, the manager would sit at a mic behind the table. and the questions would be asked by an entire media.  Chances of getting a one-on-one would be highly unlikely.

That said, I hope you enjoy the interview.
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