Despite Dodgers loss, baseball is fine

A funny thing happened on the way to the Los Angeles Dodgers' trip to the World Series against the Yankees; they got bounced by the Washington Nationals in a thrilling deciding game of the NLDS.  The game was so riveting, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts may be second guessed out of his job over how he managed his bullpen.  Meanwhile,  I can hear the critics: "baseball cannot afford a Washington-Tampa Bay World Series.  The games will take forever and ratings will be in the toilet."

Well, let the doom-and-gloom crowd wallow in their negativity.  Baseball is alive and well, even if
Dave Roberts/You Tube
the nation's top two television markets are left by the wayside, should the Yankees not make it to the Fall Classic.  As I detail in my podcast, baseball has a lot going for it, and the success at the gate of minor league baseball is a contributing factor, according to a study.

Here is the link to the story in "The Athletic" I reference in the podcast, but remember, there is a paywall.  Enjoy the podcast.  I have a post season to watch.
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