Time to change extra inning rule?

With major league baseball games taking longer to play - just check out the times of the post season games - how long will it take, if a game goes extra innings?  Is it time for the majors to adopt the extra inning rule invoked at the minor league level?

During the Hartford Yard Goats baseball season, as part of the pregame show, I surveyed a contingent
Lovallo, Kenner, Cohen, Dooley, LaNave, Rodriguez
in the press box on this very topic, after the LA Angels and Baltimore Orioles played a 16-inning game that ended at 4:30 in the morning Eastern time.  Our guests agreed to turn the interview into a podcast, so here it is.  Participants in addition to yours truly:

  • Jim Keener- official scorer
  • Alan Cohen- Game Day operator
  • Danny Rodriguez- Yard Goats broadcaster on Spanish speaking radio
  • Jeff Dooley- Yard Goats broadcaster
  • Marco LaNave- Akron RubberDucks broadcaster
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