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Sportscaster Dan Lovallo comments on the latest in sports and the sports media.

NFL Sunday conference picks | Ep. 47Jetzt anhören (9 min) | NFC, AFC Conference championships
NFL Divisional playoff picks | Ep. 46Listen now (7 min) | Six-for-six last week
NFL Wildcard WeekendListen now (11 min) | Dan's wildcard picks
Sox can't catch a break | Ep. 44Listen now (11 min) | Fun NFL weekend on tap
Steve Cohen is ruining baseballListen now (16 min) | And he is doing nothing wrong
Med student banned from betting parlors | Ep.42Jetzt anhören (10 min) | And Red Sox voice cuts back
Sports the way it should be | Ep. 41Listen now (4 min) | NFL matchup is big time
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