Dec 19, 2020 • 10M

10. PGA Tour prepared for 2021

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Dan Lovallo
Sportscaster Dan Lovallo comments on the latest in sports and the sports media.
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The PGA Tour is prepared to play with or without spectators in 2021, according to Commissioner Jay Monahan. In a year end conference, Monahan stated the Tour could break even without spectators, while acknowledging some spectators could be allowed, when the tour resumes in January.What about baseball? The owners sent up a trial balloon earlier in the week about a reduced schedule in 2021, and the MLB Players Association quickly shot that down.These are among the topics I discuss in my latest Sportscaster Dan Podcast. I also look back at Dec. 18, 1968, including an interesting exercise regimen that was undertaken by then reigning U.S. Open Golf champion Lee Trevino. Be sure to subscribe to the Sportscaster Dan Podcast in your favorite podcast directory. And thank you. Subscribe at

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